• Image of Fizz - bunny doll / teddy collectable

Meet Fizz...

Fizz loves to keep warm & cosy, only likes yellow carrots for some odd reason & won’t go to bed when you say lights out.. fizz likes to watch the moon from the window & will be your friend for life if you promise him a good ear scritch!

Fizz is now looking for adoption, incase you are interested in bringing him home... here are a few specific details about him..

Fizz is made from quality wool felt in the colour deep chocolate {please note colours may differ slightly due to lighting & screen displays}. Fizz is not to be submerged in water due to his material & should never be washed! He wears tailored bottoms & braces.. that have been hand painted and distressed for an aged appearance with a little hand sewn patch! He styles a knitted hat on his noggin to keep him extra cosy! His eyes are safety eyes & one is slightly bigger than the other to add a little oddity to his character. He is completely hand stitched & has hand embroidered features & full of detail to give Fizz a worn / delicately aged appearance.

This little guy is a collectable piece and not to be used as a toy! & is suitable for owners of 12 years plus. He is roughly between 5.5 & 6 inches high!